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This is an environment created in Unreal Engine 4 featuring a post apocalyptic setting, taking place in a small town near the Canadian Border. Explore the environment.... someone might need your help!

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This project has been in the works for 10 months and I am happy to release it to the public for free! I certainly hope you guys enjoy my project. Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below. I also invite people to record and upload their playthroughs of the game, as I enjoy watching them!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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GenreSurvival, Shooter
TagsAtmospheric, First-Person, free, Horror, Post-apocalyptic, Survival Horror, ue4, Unreal Engine, Zombies


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The Blackpine Outbreak Game


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This game doesn't seem to work on Windows 11. I've tried opening it multiple times, but it never opens.


doesn't open for me either

Game won't open...


it would be pretty nice with a hitmarker or if you aimed down the sight, its pretty hard to aim when you're just pointing and hopin

Is there anything past the bunker?

Yeah, there's quite a bit of stuff left. Without Spoiling anything, there's a Diner, a Motel, and something else!

is there a way to change settings in the game? my system is having trouble running it but I'd really like to give this a try

Unfortunately, there are no setting to lower the resolution at the moment. Do you mind giving me your specs?

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I've got a Ryzen 7 1700x processor, a Radeon RX 560, and 16G ram, so ram shouldn't be the issue

Yeah you really shouldn't be having any issues. I've tested it on my Laptop with these specs and it worked just fine.

Intel Core I7 8750H


Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB


My Desktop specs are the following.

Intel Core I7 7700k


Nvidia GTX 1017TI 8 GB


If I had to guess what the issue was, I would say it's the RX 560.


probably, it's not the best graphics card but it generally gets the job done. oh well, the project super looks good regardless!

I appreciate it man. Sorry to hear that you weren't able to run it very well. I will keep those things in mind next time!


I love the attention to detail and really enjoyed this game

Great to hear! What was your favorite area?

Are you serious 10 GB???  :/

Unfortunately, yes. I compressed it down as much as I could!

So the game is short?

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I mean it's not a 20 hour story or anything. But, you can speed run it in 5 minutes if you know what you're doing. But for first time experiences, it would probably take 30 to 45 minutes. The main thing contributing to the size of the download is the size of the map. I hope this answers your question! 


Okay thanks for explanation dev.