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This was an environment created in Unreal Engine 4, inspired by the Halo game series. Currently, there are two versions of the game. The standard version for windows and the VR Oculus version for windows. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Tech Details: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/6aKY1O


- At the moment, the VR Oculus version only works via the link.

- Launch the game from the exe file instead of through Steam VR.

- Because this game was designed for the Oculus platform, results may vary when using other headsets.

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Tags3D, Atmospheric, Exploration, free, halo, Sci-fi, Space, Unreal Engine, Virtual Reality (VR)


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Halo PC
Halo VR Oculus


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no i cant run on mac btw i did not make this support the the creator

can this be run on mac?

it keeps saying the file is empty or the i need access to it

I've checked both download links and I don't see any issues with them. I would try downloading from a different browser. Additionally, I would check to see if you have an antivirus software blocking it.

I'm... Confused... (in the VR version at least) There really isn't anything to do. I can collect three skulls, and thats... it? I can't use the warthog, go exploring, or find that "door code" keypad that Caboose19 was talking about (unless the one that you put ur hand up to replaced it)

This was more so meant to be a small VR environment/experience without much stuff to do. With that being said, you can pick up weapons and other objects. Also, some fun things will happen when use  the energy sword on the characters on the map. Thanks for reaching out!

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Whats the door code

P.S. Super cool game btw

0117 :)

dang i tried every 117 except 0 in front of it